Neighbourhood Planning

Morland Parish Council


Neighbourhood Planning

Morland Parish Council voted recently to pursue the development of a Neighbourhood Plan.

Such plans have been around for a while, they are broadly a document designed to identify aspects of planning for the economic health and wellbeing of villages and towns. Their specific function is around housing needs, so identifying land and landowners willing perhaps to consider their plot as a designated area for future development is paramount.

In addition to this, other aspects of village life are considered, for example, landscape protection, business support and maximising the general amenity of Morland for residents and tourists alike.

There is government funding available to help in the production of the plan and this covers the cost of employing an experienced author.  If we do not do our own neighbourhood plan, it is possible that development could be imposed on the village, this is the main reason the Parish Council has decided to take on this substantial project.


This is the latest version of the Plan

If you would like more information about the Neighbourhood Plan please contact either

Cllr Lesley Robson or the Clerk