Morland Parish Council


Morland Parish Council

The public and press are welcome to attend

AGENDA 13th May 2019



      1. Election of Chairman – to elect a Chairman for the ensuing year

      2. Election of Vice-Chairman – to elect a Vice-Chairman for the ensuing year

      3. Acceptance of Office – to receive the Statutory Acceptance of Office from the councillors

      4. Apologies – to receive and record apologies for absence

      5. Declarations of Interest – to receive declarations of interest of items on this agenda

      6. Minutes – the chairman to authorize and sign the minutes of Parish Council meeting held on Monday 11th March 19, as previously circulated.

      7. Standing Committees - to determine standing committees for the ensuing year, and if necessary to elect members
      7.1 Planning Mike Addison (Chair), Phil Hancock, Steve Wilson
      7.2 Maintenance Bob Brown (Chair), Mike Addison
      7.3 Finance Lesley Robson (Chair), Peter Taylor, Phil Hancock
      7.4 Allotments Steve Wilson (Chair), Dan Fitton, Peter Taylor

      8. Public Participation – the chairman will invite residents to make representations on any item on this agenda or to bring matters to the attention of the council for consideration for inclusion in a future agenda

      9. Progress Reports - to receive information on and/or to determine action, as appropriate
      9.1 Neighbourhood Development Plan – Cllr L Robson
      9.2 Street Lights – Cllr P Hancock

      10. Insurance

      11. Annual Review of Accounts
      11.1 To review and approve Annual Governance Statement
      11.2 To review and approve Accounting Statement
      11.3 To sign the Certificate of Exemption
      11.4 To review the Internal Audit
      11.5 To review the Annual Statement of Accounts

      12. Payment of Accounts
      12.1 To approve payments detailed in the schedule
      12.2 To receive the bank reconciliations
      12.3 To receive the budget to date

      13. Highways and maintenance – To discuss attendance of the Parish Council at the fete

      14. Financial Regulations - To review the regulations

      15. Asset register - To review the register

      16. Risk register - To review the register

      17. Review of the Tree Survey