Morland Parish Council


A meeting of Morland Parish Council is due to take place on Monday 13th November 2017

7.30pm in Morland Village Hall

The public and press are welcome to attend





1.Apologies – to receive and record apologies for absence.


2.Declarations of Interest – to receive declarations, by elected and co-opted members, of interest in respect of items on this agenda.


3.Minutes – of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 7th November 16, to authorise the Chairman to sign, as a correct record, the minutes of the meeting, pages 210 (previously circulated).


4.Progress Reports - to receive information on and/or to determine action, as appropriate.

4.1Neighbourhood Planning & Limekilns – LR


5.Public Participation – the chairman will invite residents to make representations on any item on this agenda or to bring matters to the attention of the council for consideration for inclusion in a future agenda.

5.1Highways & Maintenance



6.1To note decisions of Eden District Council with regard to recent applications



7.Payment of Accounts

7.1To approve the Payment Schedule

7.2To receive the Bank Reconciliations


8.Date of next meeting and close